About The Band

In hundreds of performances since 2003, Firecracker Jazz Band has played everywhere from street corners, secret speakeasies, jazz festivals nationwide, swing-and-swill dance halls, Bonnaroo and the Kennedy Center. Based in the beautiful confluence of plentiful music and majestic mountains that is Asheville, NC, a performance by Firecracker Jazz Band is an explosive, fun-soaked, experience. The band revitalizes traditional jazz with unbounded energy and makes jazz the people’s music once again. With jubilance and vigor paying homage to the pioneers of early 20th century jazz, including that of dixieland and New Orleans, Firecracker Jazz Band carries the still-burning torch that was once lit by such greats as Jelly Roll Morton, Louis Armstrong, Bix Beiderbecke and other heroes of pre-war jazz music.

Jason Krekel

Jason Krekel loves strings! He loves banjos and guitars especially and employs them to great […]

Craig Kellberg

Craig got his start singing himself to sleep around the age of 3 […]

Earl Sachais

Earl “The Pearl” is a founding member of the band and former music instructor and New York City hired gun […]

Leo Johnson

One of Firecracker Jazz Band’s most lovable characters, Leo Johnson and his clarinet bring fresh style and […]

Je Widenhouse

Je has been traveling the world and playing professionally for several hundred years […]

Andrew J. Fletcher

Playing a high energy style of stride piano loaded with generous dashes of Jelly Roll Morton, Fats Waller and […]

Billy Seawell

Billy is Silver Buddy and he plays the drums and when he sees this, he’ll finish writing his bio.